"If I want to encourage young
people back home to get to where I am,
I have to be an example."
“Now my son will have the opportunities
to make his dreams come true.”
“Today I work in a male dominated work force.
My father would be so proud of me.”
Important things to consider when choosing a University

Important things to consider when choosing a University

Selecting a university can be a difficult process and it is one of the most important decisions you will make. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right university for you. What is right for your friends or relatives might be wrong for you. In this blog, we will look at a few things to consider when choosing a university.


  1. Who offers your desired course / degree? Do your research – is that University the leader in this field of study. You are investing a lot of money into your future, so make sure you are getting the best value. Some universities are better known for certain courses.
  2. Can you afford the university you want to attend? What will happen if you cannot get funding. If you took a loan, would you be able to pay it back?
  3. The most expensive university is not always the best. Do not base your University selection on price. Do your research and find out which universities offer the best course.
  4. Do your research on the expenses you will incur over and above your fees. Too often students choose a university far from home only to realise that they cannot afford accommodation in the area, food, transport etc.
  5. Consider the university culture and student support facilities available. You will be there for at least three years, so make sure you will feel comfortable during this time. All universities have societies, clubs, health and wellness centres and tutoring facilities available – be sure to investigate the level of support available.
  6. If possible visit the university – check out the facilities and equipment. Make sure you are getting your money’s worth.
  7. Is there sufficient accommodation at the university? You don’t want to be on a waiting list with no alternative accommodation. Some students find themselves on waiting lists even though the academic year has begun and they have nowhere to stay. Each University has a list of university accredited accommodation on their website.
  8. What are the upfront costs? Remember to put money aside for application and registration cost. A number of funders do not pay these amounts.
  9. Make sure the university you are applying to is accredited. There are many fly-by-night colleges claiming to have accreditation however they have none and your degree will be worthless. The University you select should be accredited by the Council on Higher Education.
  10. Speak to students who attend your desired university. This is very helpful when trying to find out about student and campus life.
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