"If I want to encourage young
people back home to get to where I am,
I have to be an example."
“Now my son will have the opportunities
to make his dreams come true.”
“Today I work in a male dominated work force.
My father would be so proud of me.”

Sifiso Sithole

sifisoThe power to change his future forever

Sifiso Sithole grew up in Winterveldt where his family have for many years struggled to get by, surviving on grants and the little money his mother would make selling vegetables. Having completed matric with an outstanding 80.6% average, we recognised his natural aptitude and offered him the opportunity to study Electronic Engineering at the University of Pretoria.

Challenges did not end there for Sifiso and in his first semester he was on the verge of opting out of university as a result of blinding migraines that made studying impossible. As part of the holistic support given to students, the Foundation facilitated for him to receive full medical testing and was diagnosed as in need of glasses, a simple remedy with