"If I want to encourage young
people back home to get to where I am,
I have to be an example."
“Now my son will have the opportunities
to make his dreams come true.”
“Today I work in a male dominated work force.
My father would be so proud of me.”
South Africa’s most sought after Skills of 2017

South Africa’s most sought after Skills of 2017

For school leavers and those looking to get ahead in the work-wold, and for those starting new adventures into lucrative career paths, developing those skills that are in demand in the job market is a great way to ensure future security. Of course, the demands of the job market are constantly changing; but there are certain types of jobs that seem to always be looking for ideal candidates to fill their vacancies.

If you have been wondering which of this year’s jobs and skillsets are in highest demand in South Africa, this list of prised skillsets gleaned from search functions on classifieds websites will give you a good idea of which jobs are in demand, and what type of salary you can expect by working in them.

1.Managerial Positions

Managerial positions are generally the most available in the market this year, and the responsibilities and duties behind this job will vary from establishment to establishment. Salaries for these posts range between R19 000 and R48 000 depending on your experience, skills and responsibilities.

Any manager will tell you that this is not an easy job. It requires intense commitment, an ability to handle pressure and a keen set of carefully developed management skills. But if you are not afraid of hard work, then becoming a manager is a great way to move your career forward.

  1. Those with Technical Design Skills

Technical design skills, whether for the web, app development or graphics are in fairly high demand thanks to the popularity explosion of web and mobile device content. Since this is an industry that is always developing, there is always an opportunity to learn more, experience more, and to create more. These job types are best suited to those who have a certain level of savvy when it comes to IT, and are not afraid to exert their creativity.

However, developing the skills needed to find success in this field takes patience and a lot of time and dedication.

Salaries for creative and technical design jobs vary depending on your skills and your agency. Entry level jobs often pay between R 7000 and R10 000, while experienced and talented designers can clear around R60 000 per month.

  1. Specialist Skills

Technicians, administrators, engineers, accountants and consultants are a crucial part of big business, construction and development, and as such, there is always work for those who are willing to put in the substantial effort and time required to develop these skills.

However, for those that make it, the hard work is sure to pay off since specialist employees are in high demand, taking home close to R60 000 per month.

Get Funding to Develop your Future Success

For a lot of people in our country, the desire to master a corporate skill is simply not enough. Such skill development is costly, which makes it difficult for large sects of the population (who show potential) to be able to afford to develop their skills.

Fortunately, there are institutions such as the Tiso Foundation which are dedicated to investing the future of those that are disadvantaged, while encouraging positive youth development. If you would like to know more about their educational funding plans, visit their website today for more details.

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