The Tiso Foundation, a self-sustaining public benefit organisation established in June 2001 is set on making a lasting impact on society, especially on its youth and underprivileged communities. The Foundation achieves this through programmes designed to bring talented young people of limited means to the fore, developing their independence of action and thought.

Acting as a beacon of African excellence, the Tiso Foundation promotes:
  • Educational and academic excellence
  • Innovation and cost effective models of providing quality education
  • Values based support to students
  • Partnership and institutional collaboration
  • Models of sustainable, independent African philanthropic institutions
Walking together
Many social investors and philanthropists require  properly structured and efficiently managed entities through which to support worthy causes. Tiso Foundation has positioned itself as such an organisation. Adequately resourced to fund its own administrative requirements, the Foundation has equipped itself to act as a partner, administrator and project manager to like-minded organisations wishing to contribute to various social causes.

Cambridge Global Leadership Programme

The Tiso Foundation’s continued commitment to the upliftment and development of South Africa’s youth, through education and skills development has led our the partnership with the University of Cambridge as part of its Global Leaders Scholarship Programme... Read more